Wizard sand brings happiness, develops creativity and progress cooperation.

Help us to make difference

Wizard Sand support children in the local community by 5% of each set


What is Wizard sand

Wizard kinetic sand is an innovative squeezable material that is made by combining sand with a touch of polymer. The consistency of the sand is extremely pliable, almost like liquid, but it holds a firm shape when molded. You can stretch it, mold it, pull it, cut it and even slap it!

Unlike playdough, kinetic sand never dries out, is eco-friendly and 100% gluten-free. The sand sticks to itself and never to your hand, clothing or other surfaces making it extremely easy to clean.


What can I find in "All you need basket"

  • 2kg sand (4 colors - 500g each) what is enough amount for 1 child
  • large inflatable tray for big playing area
  • pump
  • 4 moulds of well-known buildings
  • 2 castle moulds
  • 4 vehicle moulds
  • 10 creative tools
  • everything is packed in plastic basket with handle for good storage and transport
  • on label you can write a name and everyone will know which wizards chest it is
  • BONUS: small suprice for you and your child
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Why choose Wizard sand

  • hours of fun
  • sticks to itself and never to your hand
  • extremely easy to clean
  • easy storage and transport
  • not greasy
  • non-toxic
  • eco-friendly
  • never dries out
  • you can play again and again
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Hot new "Stretchy sand"

  • It's slime, It's sand, amazing 2.2 lbs / 1kg of premium quality, non toxic, gluten free and eco friendly Stretchy Sand/Cloud Slime in 3 colours with sea creaatures, mermaids and sailing toys
  • Blue, Purple, Yellow
  • Cotton sand is stretchy like a slime, but not slimy. It is soft and pleasant to the touch for children and adults.
  • A special mixture of sand that can be stretch and doesn’t dry out, allowing you to use it again and again

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